Who is Bobby Seaford?

Welcome to Bobby Seaford, where we invite the wild of the Southern Ocean indoors through our carefully crafted design and provisions.

Each Bobby Seaford design is a reproduction of our original water colour work, which features cold-water marine species found in the Southern Ocean.

All our designs are created in Tasmania, the bed of the roaring 40s - and reproduced here in Australia, using the highest quality materials and processes.


The South coast breeds a special kind of legend - one who’s not afraid to get wet, rugged and lost.

The kind of legend who is wild but becalmed, and who knows that the sea will shift moods as quickly as a rip will spit you into the line-up.

Bobby Seaford is one such legend.

You might know him - voice layered with salt and stories, weathered skin, hands as steady and chipped as gravel, hair salty from the most recent escapade, checking the weather any second he’s got, rushing to the coast when the storms roll in, and always happier on the coast.

He’s a fish out of water if he’s indoors too long, and he’s totally down with that. The ocean is his constant beat.

Chances are, you might know a few Bobby Seafords.

At Bobby Seaford we draw on legends of the south to inspire a way of living that is raw and real, and always leads back to the ocean.

Through our designs we bring the ocean indoors to inspire new adventures or evoke epic past ones.


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