Artwork Care

How do I care for my Bobby Seaford print?
Your Bobby Seaford artwork is printed onto premium fine-art paper using archival quality inks. We create our prints with the highest quality materials and processes, however as prints are a delicate item some measures will help to ensure their longevity.

Here are our tips to ensure the extra longevity of your prints;


1. Unwrap Slowly - Your new artwork has arrived, but before you unleash those salty vibes it’s important to be careful when unpacking your frames. Our frames contain glass, which is fragile and dangerous if broken. Support your framed artwork properly when lifting and hold it firmly by the frame when moving.

2. Unwrap on a Soft Surface - Artwork picnic time! To avoid unwanted chips or scratches we recommend unpacking your art on carpet or a blanket.

3. Gently Remove Art from the Box -  Lift your art from the box, carefully by at least two corners of the frame.

4. Two People Are Better Than One - Make it a date. If your artwork is large, it is best to have two people to unpack your art. Resist the urge to use any force.

5. Corners Are Fragile - Do not pivot a framed artwork on its corner when removing the protective corner.

6. Every frame is unique - Timber frames are a natural product, and slight variance can occur, these are not considered flaws.

7. Hanging Your Art - Please consider using professional hanging hooks or even a professional art installer. Don't use sticky Velcro picture hooks or 3M Command Strips – they will not be strong enough to support heavy frames.

8. Protecting Your Art - Art is best friends with stable, indoor environments. Avoid hanging artwork in places which are exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture, as this can damage your art and frame over time. Avoid direct sunlight or places where there can be frequent changes in temperature, as this can also create issues for your art and frame.

9. Cleaning Your Framed Art - Microfibre cloths are ideal because they don’t scratch fragile surfaces. Liquid glass cleaner will work on your glass, but don’t spray it onto the frame itself. Spray the glass cleaner onto your cloth first, and then clean the glass.


1. If your Bobby Seaford artwork arrives in a postage tube, ensure that you have completely clean and dry hands before handling. Your print is a matte paper print and has a lot of white space so will mark easily if not correctly handled.

2. Do not store your print in the postage tube for longer than necessary to ensure it flattens correctly. If extra flattening is required we recommend placing it face-down on the paper it came rolled in (on a flat, clean surface) and weighing it down with some books.

3. Ideally have your frame organised in time for your print delivery - or save time and order a pre-framed artwork from us.

4. We recommend protecting your print behind glass, away from environmental factors like aerosols, heat, fly spots etc that could mark or damage it.

Correct handling and framing of your new Bobby Seaford print will ensure it is part of your home for years to come.  


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