Our Story

Do you ever get home after time on the coast and just...get fidgety for the next visit?

Yep, we do too!

G'day from the creators of Bobby Seaford - Nic and Skye.

When we're not painting and designing, we're fishing, or getting wet in the Southern Ocean, hanging at the shack and making memories on the coast with our little person.

Nic started painting fish when our son was born.

He thought a few tuna would look spot-on in his new tiddler's bedroom (yep - he was clearly pining for a good ocean sesh!).

It's suspected he was also trying to get out of nappy changes. Every fish you see is originally 10 nappies avoided.

Bloody Nic!

A few mates thought this was a wonderful idea and asked for tuna too...And then so did a few more. And so Bobby Seaford was born.

We love that we get to bring the ocean to homes across Australia through our 100% salty, Tassie-designed products!




Skye grew up in the small fishing town of Bicheno on Tasmania's East Coast. Her childhood was spent roaming the surf and kelp forests and styling the interiors of every home her family lived in.
Skye is a Creative Director and Graphic Designer and feels most at home when there is salt in the air.

Skye designs our products and collections, and loves building our brand and community here at Bobby Seaford.


Nic grew up South of Hobart in Tasmania and has a background in marine sea floor mapping and Antarctic science. He loves fishing. When he was a kid his dream was to be a cartoonist. It’s a fair bet that painting fish is him re-living that dream.

Nic creates all our stunning watercolours here at Bobby Seaford, and is one of those frustratingly talented people who seems to be able to draw whatever he sets his mind to! 




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