Bobby Seaford

The 'Odd School' 100% Linen Tea Towels

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Occasionally we land a crooked fish.

But at Bobby Seaford we don't waste our bycatch.

We believe every fish is special.

That's why we offer them to those of you who don't mind a little irregularity.

Think 'odd bunch', with less fruit and more salty crunch, and perhaps a crooked hem or two. 

Perhaps you're looking for a sewing project, or don't care about the shape of your tea towel, so long as it has your favourite sea mate on it.

Whatever your reasons, adopting an 'odd fish' will make everyone happy.

Our usual designs, with a little extra spice.

* Please note that every Odd School tea towel is different. Half the fun is not knowing what will turn up! Some may have acquired a slightly wonky hem, others may have a slight miss-print. We are aware of the irregularities and by purchasing an 'Odd School' fish you understand that we cannot provide individual photos of your item, and that your item is non-refundable. 


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